When water floods your property, you need help fast! Even a brief delay can allow the damage to spread, resulting in thousands of dollars in additional recovery costs. Our team can take care of all elements of the damage, from floodwater cleanup to structural repairs. Help is just a call away for water damage recovery services!

Floods Can Do a Lot of Damage. We Can Help.

Floods Can Do a Lot of Damage. We Can Help.

Choose the water restoration experts in Windermere, Winter Garden & Clermont, FL

If your home has recently flooded because of a storm, rising river levels or a burst water pipe, the team at Blue Water Construction & Remodeling Inc. is ready to help. We're proud to provide water restoration services to the Windermere and Winter Garden, FL area. Our certified team of professionals will take every step to stop the damage and restore your home to its pre-flood condition.

Don't wait to call. Water damage will only get worse the longer it sits. Make an appointment with the water restoration specialists in Windermere, Winter Garden or Clermont, FL now.

In the event of a flood, stay safe

A flood is a scary and typically unexpected event. If your home is flooding, first make sure you and your family are out of harm's way. Do not remain in an actively flooding home. If the flood is due to a burst water pipe, shut off the water main or call your water company. Once the flooding has stopped, reach out to the water restoration team from Blue Water Construction & Remodeling Inc.. While you wait for us to arrive, here are some tips to keep your family safe and prevent further damage:

  • Do not go in a room with standing water if your electricity is still turned on
  • Do not use your vacuum to remove water
  • Do not turn on overhead lights if you have water damage in your ceiling
  • Do not use electrical appliances until water damage remediation is complete

Follow these safety guidelines and contact the experts in water damage repair in Windermere, Winter Garden or Clermont, FL as soon as possible.